What if there was no worry about your team missing important reads?

Verified Read Receipts without Pestering Manual Follow-ups. Ensure every team member acknowledges important data, without the hassle of constant reminders.

Honestly, Is This The Way
To Ensure Information Are Seen and Understood?

Other Tools Have 2 BIG PROBLEMS

Lack of confirmation

Without any way to verify, managers can’t be certain that information has been properly received and understood. 

It breeds uncertainty in project progress

Team members can conveniently claim ignorance

❌ Important data might be missed, leading to mistakes

Complexity of other soutions

They are often bogged down by unnecessary features, making it hard for teams to use effectively.

A steeper learning curve leads to a longer adoption time

Important features may be buried under layers of menus.

❌ Over-complication can deter users from maximizing its capabilities

How Much Is This Costing You in Reduced Productivity?

Continually having to ensure that everyone has seen and understood crucial information can drain managerial and leading to hours of wasted effort.

Over time, this accumulates to significant man-hours that could’ve been spent on productive tasks.

There’s a better, easier way to do it.

Easy Implementation

Simply download extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Traditional tools may require lengthy setups, complex configurations, or technical expertise. With ShareCheck, users can begin in a matter of seconds, removing any barriers to adoption and making it user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy individuals.


Acknowledgment Tracking

Once the application is active, it specifically tracks acknowledgments from team members. This allows managers to determine if important information or announcements have been acknowledged by the intended recipients.

While other tools might drown users in a sea of data without highlighting what truly matters, ShareCheck focuses on the essence of communication – acknowledgment. This ensures managers get direct insights into who has seen and acknowledged vital pieces of information, eliminating guesswork.

Comprehensive  Reporting

Users can access a dashboard or report that provides a concise summary of the information accessed by their teams.

This can help in identifying any gaps in communication or areas of improvement.

With all data consolidated in one place, it reduces the need to cross-reference multiple platforms or chase individuals for updates. This unified view can drastically reduce managerial time spent on manual follow-ups.

2 minutes setup

It only takes a moment to create an account and start using ShareCheck. Watch the video on how to do it.

You’re always just a click away from the support you need to get the most out of ShareCheck. Not sure where to go next? Our amazing Customer Success advisors are ready to help.

Other Managers Already Made The Switch, When Will You?

Simplicity Advocate

“It’s a no-brainer tool. In just 10 seconds, I can ensure my team knows and understands important information. No more unnecessary back-and-forths.”

Peace-Mind Promoter

“Ever worried if your team read that important update? This app is your peace of mind. It lets you know if they’ve not only seen the info but understood it too!”

Value Seeker

“Why pay for a bunch of features we don’t need? This tool does one thing, and it does it perfectly. It’s cost-effective and to the point.”


Try it out for yourself, 100% risk free!

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